Red Abyssinian Banana Starter Plant


Ships: (1) 2″ starter plant cell with soil.
Approximate Height: ground cover.
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Common Name: Red Abyssinian Banana
Botanical/Latin Name: Red Abyssinian Banana ‘Ensete Maurelii’
Mature Height: 18 Feet Tall In Warm Climates
Mature Width:
Growth Habit:
Growth Rate:
Foliage: Glossy Green Leaf Surface And Red Underneath With Red Leaf Axils. The Leaves Look Like They Have Been Hand Painted.
Light Exposure: Full Sun – Part Shade
Soil Conditions: Organic Matter 50/50 With Sand Or Rich Soil Create A Raised Area Of Soil For Planting Outdoors To Ensure Good Drainage
Moisture Requirements: You Can Not Over Water This Plant, But Good Drainage Is Required
Uses: Makes A Great Focal Point In The Ground Or In Any Large Container
Hardiness Zone: 3, 9
Useful Information: Huge Ornamental Plant In The South. Great Indoor Plant In The North. Zone 9 – Reaches 8 Feet Tall. Said To Be Quite Cold Hardy In The Southern USA. Mulch Heavy 2-3 Inches. Indoor ONLY – Ornamental Thur Zone 3. The Banana Plant Will Not Produce Any Edible Fruit. The Ensete Maurelii Brings The Tropical Look To Any Garden Setting.

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