Fern Asparagus Myriocladus Ming Fern 4 inch pot


Ships: (1) 4-inch pot with soil.
Approximate Height: 6-12 inches.
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Asparagus Myriocladus ~Ming Fern
Height: can grow to 4+ feet. Fertilize during spring and summer. Arching perennial Soil Conditions: Just about any Plant has spines or sharp edges.
Light Exposure: Sun to Part Shade
Color: Green Produces seed, not spores/ asparagus fern
Flowers: white flowers Unique growth habit
Uses: Groundcover, Large containers or hanging baskets. This plant is attractive to bees, butterflies and/or birds
HARDINESS: Zone 9 to 11
Re-potting Tips: Re-pot one size larger Water regularly, but take care not to over-water by allow the top 3 inches of soil to dry out between waterings. Water sparingly in winter, but do not allow soil to dry out completely. Fertilizer: good well-balanced plant food (10-10-10)
Indoor Lighting: bright light Humidity: prefers moist air. Temperature: average room temperatures 60-75°F
Soil: good potting mix Outdoor Hardy Zone 9 temperatures(25-30 °F)

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