Serissa foetida ‘Tree of a Thousand Stars’ 4 inch pot


Ships: (1) 4-inch pot with soil.
Approximate Height: 6-12 inches.
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Name: Serissa foetida Variegata
Common Name: Snowrose or Tree of a thousand stars.
Growth Habit: upright stems branch to a wide bushy dome.
Bloom time: spring – fall. even thru Thanksgiving or even Christmas.
Trunk: grey trunk.
Fertilizing: more during the long flowering period.
Family: Rubiaceae
An extremely tolerant small shrub.
Leaves: variegated and tiny.
Flowers: full of tiny white blooms -“Tree of a Thousand Stars”.
Mature Height: 3-4 Feet Tall
Moisture: water faithfully, especially during warm weather.
Mulch over the roots is very important.
Sun Exposure: morning sun afternoon shade is best to show of the flowers.
Great indoor plant that would need bright, indirect light to flower.
Use: beautiful low hedge, and responds well to pruning.
Spacing: larger area hedge 1 foot apart.
Great for bonsai or small shrub.
Hardy Zones: 7-10.

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