Plumbago auriculata Imperial Blue 4 Inch pot


Ships: (1) 4-inch pot with soil.
Approximate Height: 6-12 inches.
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Botanical Name: Plumbago auriculata ‘Imperial Blue’
Fast-growing perennial shrub.
Foliage: bright-green
Flower: Blue and flowers just about all year.
Growth Habit: mounding and climbing.
Growth Height: 3-4 feet tall & 2-3 feet wide.
An ideal accent plant for landscape, container & easy to trained to cover a trellis, and a border.
Sunlight: Full Sun; blooming is reduced in the shade.
Water: Regularly; more frequent under extreme temps.
Soil Conditions: adaptable to a variety of soils; prefers well-drained soil.
Uses: Decorative accent, great small tree urban and suburban areas; deck or patio; container or planter
Moisture: Regular water schedule the first few growing season until well established. Once established water maybe needed occasionally, but more often during a drought or extreme heat conditions.
Hardiness Zone: 8-11.

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