Oyster Plant Moses In The Boat Gallon pot


Ships: (1) Gallon pot with soil.
Approximate Height: ground cover
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Oyster Plant, also called Moses In The Boat.
Oyster plant seems to prefer light shade, but it grows well in bright sun as well as in fairly dim light.
Sturdy 6-12 in long sword-shaped leaves arising from a trunklike stem up to 8 inch tall.
It is drought tolerant and exhibits moderate to high salt tolerance (needing some protection from direct salt spray.)
A relative to the Wandering Jew, the oyster plant displays a clumping form and fleshy leaves that are green above and reddish-purple below.
Use this plant for banks and slopes, shrub border edging, and especially under trees and in other full/ part-shade locations.
It also does well in containers.
Oyster plant can be a colorful addition to the landscape in your yard, filling the role of a low-maintenance, drought tolerant ground cover requiring minimal amounts of water, fertilizer, and pesticides.
This Plant can be grown in doors in any Zone.
House temperature. Outside growing Zones 8-11.

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