Ice Plant Aptenia cordifolia Red Apple Variegated 4 inch pot


Ships: (1) 4-inch pot with soil.
Approximate Height: ground covers.
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The Delosperma Ice Plant “Red Apple” Variegated is a flowering ground cover.
Soft, fleshy, Dark Green leaves on long vine-like stems.
Used in hanging baskets or planters
Mature Height: 2-4” Tall
Mature Spread: Spreading/ trailing ground cover- 3-4 feet
Aggressive growth habit
Soil Conditions: All except overly wet
Water regularly if exposed to hot afternoon sun and in zone 8
Light Exposure: Sun- Part Shade
Flower Color: Burgundy/red color daisy-like flowers.
Bloom Time: Spring and Summer
Ornamentals Ground Cover
Hardy Zones: 8-11
Zone 8 will need regular watering.

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