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Planting Tips

    • First, always make sure to pick a planting area that is best for the plants growth needs. (ie. soil conditions, drainage, sun exposure and moisture requirements
    • Because roots need room to grow, make sure to always dig a hole the same size deep as the plants root ball and twice as wide
    • Also make sure the plants root ball is even or just above the areas ground level because you don’t want to plant too deeply
    • Backfill with the remaining soil and any added mixture like compost, black cow or even regular potting soil
    • Water in the plant well because this will help remove any air pockets that may remain after back-filling.
    • In addition, watering will depend on the type of plant that you planted.
    • Most, but not all, will need a regular water schedule to ensure the growth of a mature root system. if you like in an area with high rainfall, do not over water.
    • Finally, mulching is recommended to deter weeds and keep the moisture content high, also to keep temperatures low.
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