Podocarpus Macrophyllus Japanese Yew ~Lot of 12~ Quart pot


Ships: (12) Quart pot with soil.
Approximate Height: 10-12+ inches tall.
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Name: Japanese Yew Podocarpus Maki
Family: Podocarpaceae
Common Names: podocarpus, yew podocarpus, Japanese yew, Buddhist pine
Growth Rate: moderate to slow
Although it has a moderate to slow rate of growth, it can become very large if left alone to grow undisturbed.
A faster growth rate can be achieved with regular feeding for the first few years.
Shape: upright to somewhat oval shrub
Characteristics: Podocarps are gymnosperms like pines, spruces and cycads. They have needlelike leaves that are flat and a lustrous dark green. Native to Japan and southern China. Widely used in gardens and landscapes in compatible climates throughout the world.
Pruning/ Shaping: may be trimmed or shaped into round or square columns or cones.
Easy to grow: This is a tough plant which can grow very well in urban conditions and even indoors.
Sun Exposure(s) Preferred: Shade to sun
Moisture: Fertile, well drained soil preferred but yew pine is tolerant of many types except for those that are constantly wet.
Salt Tolerance: High
Good coastal plant; tolerates salt spray and withstands heat!
Usage: Podocarpus works well in both informal and sheared hedges and as a foundation shrub. It’s effective beside tall buildings, or anywhere a tall, narrow specimen is needed. Because of shade tolerance, makes an ideal courtyard tree. Some grand, ancient podocarps grace the heights of 3-story courtyards in New Orleans.
Container Plant or even house plant.
Mature Height: 20-30 feet
Hardiness Zone(s) Preferred: 7+-11
As an indoor plant: Any zone

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