Crape Myrtle Muskogee Tree Lavender flower, Starter Plant


Ships: (1) Starter Plant 2-inch pot with soil.
Approximate Height: 4-6 inches.
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Muskogee Crape Myrtle
Botanical Name: Lagerstroemia x ‘Muskogee’:
Growth Habit: Small tree.
Bloom Time: Mid-July on into the fall
Flower color: Lavender
Foliage: Attractive fall foliage.
Leaf color: Green.
Fall color: Orange to red.
Bark Color: Average tan.
Mature Height: 20-25 feet.
Mature Width: 15-20 feet.
Spacing: 6 feet apart
Growth Rate: Moderate, 2-3 feet per year once well established.
Sun Exposure: Full sun.
Soil Conditions: Prefers well-drained soil; adaptable to a wide range of soil conditions.
Pruning/Trimming: Late winter or early in the spring.
Fertilizer: Well balanced. Newly planted use a high nitrogen fertilizer for the first two growing season.
Drought tolerant
Uses: Decorative accent, great small tree urban and suburban areas; deck or patio; container or planter
Moisture: Regular water schedule the first few growing season until well established. Once established water maybe needed occasionally, but more often during a drought or extreme heat conditions.
Hardiness Zone: 7-10.

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