Loropetalum Daruma Compact Ruby Gallon Pot Dwarf


Ships: (1) Gallon pot with soil.
Approximate Height: small evergreen shrub
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Fast Growing Evergreen
Loropetalum Daruma Compact Ruby
Latin Name: loropetalum chinense ‘daruma’
Family: Hamamelidaceae.
Foliage: unique evergreen produces red tinted foliage that turns to green as it ages.
Flower Color: clusters of pink fringed.
Bloom Time: blooms profusely during winter and spring, and periodically throughout the rest of the year.
Mature Height: 3-4 feet tall.
Mature Width: 3-5 feet wide.
Soil Conditions: Prefers rich, well-drained soil–adaptable to most.
Light Exposure: full sun to partial shade.
Uses: as an accent specimen, hedge, and grows well on slopes.
Water: regularly or more frequent watering in extreme heat.
Cold Hardiness Zone: 7-9
Maintenance: low
Resistant: deer resistant, disease, drought, heat, insect, mildew
Pruning: old foliage is recommended to maintain a well-groomed appearance.
Care: needs a regular water schedule to ensure the growth of a mature root system. After the mature root system is established, watering is needed occasionally, except during a drought, watering is needed regularly.
Mulch to prevent loss of moisture, deter weeds and moderate winter temperatures.
Hardy Zones: 7-9

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